Pink Thomson Post

I´m dreaming about a carbon/thompson seat set-up and I found this pic of a pink thompson seatpost.

Does anyone know where I can get one?

That looks sweet, i wish i had one. But i bet it would cose alot, more than just the normal colour style.


The picture shows their new Elite series stems so the picture is new (not something old from years ago). That is not one of their standard colors (silver or black). It may be a one-off thing done by the person who took the picture. It may be some sort of after market coloring applied to the silver parts.

Email Thomson and ask them if they made the parts in that color or if they know who or where it can be done.

looks like pink cromed.

excuse my idiosy but what are the other thingos for?

haha, i second that!

I third that!

i second that too

they are handle bar stems, the fork of a bike gos through the frame then they go from the fork to the handle bars

how would you connect your unicycle seat to it?

Like this:


i really dont know what to think about that :thinking:

oooooooooh, that

oooooooooh, i get it now!

thats really cool!!

thats for that.


WOW, THAT IS SO KOOL!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

wow. thats the most elaborate uni setup i’ve ever seen. handlebars and a trunk (or a boot for our overseas friends).

Thomson seems to have changed the design of some of their stems. Many have an entirely new clamping system for steerer tubes.

Anyways, they are aluminum parts. They are not chromed, they are anodized. Meaning the black ones are anodized then clearcoated and the silver ones are polished and clearcoated. Then the logos are etched on with a laser. So either Thomson ran a batch of components and had some anodized pink or the picture is of counterfeit parts. Thomson has been having problems with people selling copies of their parts on ebay and out of Asia.

They were made specifically for You can see more about them halfway down this page (unicycle article also on the page!)

Looks like speedgoat is assembling a pink bike of some sort. Is is breast cancer awareness month already!?

Edit: You can’t get them.

Ah, thanks for the sleuthing. I was getting curious. Shame on for stealing the picture from the Speedgoat blog and not including an explanation.

I also like the “THINK BEFORE YOU THROW!” story on the blog. I read a similar story several years ago. A guy was on a club ride that happened to include a couple off duty police officers. Someone threw something at them while they were riding. The police officers radioed or called ahead and the offending car of idiots was nabbed by some on duty police officers just up the road. Instant gratification for the group. Apparently it is bad to assault a police officer even if they are off duty and you have no idea that they happen to be a police officer.

After reading that story I decided that it was a very good idea to always ride with an off duty police officer. Are there any police officers here who ride unicycles?

counterfeit thats insane