Pink lake ride report

So after a summer of not a lot of rideing, I got the bug this Saturday and had to get out on the uni again. The day was perfect, sunny but not too warm with a stiff breeze blowing from the east. I started out rideing east on the bike path that runs along the river near my house. The wind was a pain but it’s better to have it at the begining of a ride than at the end. I rode about 7km and then crossed the river into Quebec and headed for Gatinue park. Rode to the south end of the park and jumped on one of the paved bike pathes that head north through rolling hills, realy nice rideing here. The trees are just starting to turn here and there was a real sence of fall in the air. After a while the path turned to crushed stone and then to dirt single track that climbed steeply for about 4km. Rideing up I passed a mountain biker putting the chain back on his bike, I said don’t you hate it when that happens, he said I guess you don’t have that problem any more eh. Topped out at Pink lake and ate lunch in the sun shine takeing in the view. This is the turn around point at 21km. From here I rode down the park way, a good road that at this point in the park runs down hill for about 5 1/2 km, yay for drag brakes they save your legs. Zipped down the hill passing lots of road bikers rideing up, love the looks on there faces. Then back across the bridge into Ontario and home again with the wind behinde me. 43 km in total, over 4 hours and 15 minutes with a top speed of 19 km an hour on my trusty 29er.
Can’t wait for next weekend to explore a new part of the park.
Any of the Ottawa crew interested in a ride on the 9th?

Cheers Dave