Pink Jim C pedals

Does anyone know where i can get the Jim Cielencki pedals in pink? I have looked online but couldn’t find them.:frowning:

I don’t beleive they make pink JC pedals, or else I would have them.

look here:,15737,443043,00.html

According to that link, the pink pedals were a special limited edition color back in April 2003. Pink would not be so special limited edition if it was still available. I doubt you can still get the pink pedals.

DansComp currently has limited edition dayglo orange Jim Cielencki pedals. Not exactly pink, but certainly brighter. You can try calling DansComp and see if they have any of the pink pedals hidden away.

I dont see why you can’t just spray paint them pink, Pedals get scratched up anyways so just paint’em youself and save some bucks… Just be sure to remove the pins first.

Hate to double post but I was feeling nice(I was bored) and I found you some Pink Jim C’s on Ebay:

Say you love me… please?

Thanks! :smiley: I know they will get scratched up but if I spray painted other ones would the paint chip off?

I would just do two coats and just go for it, you can just repaint them if they ever start to chip…

Yes, but this will give your unicycle character. No one wants a clean uni.
No one.

Yeah, thats funny how that works

Re: Pink Jim C pedals

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 21:46:20 -0600, “Catboy” wrote:

>Just be sure to remove the pins first.

Can you screw them back in later, if you spraypainted the holes?

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I would put some cork or similar material into the holes to protect the threads from getting gummed up if I were to paint pedals.

Just a thought.

what would happen if I spray painted the whole thing with the pins? Would the pins get suck to the body?

You could do that, and as long as the allen wrench would still fit in the pins you could remove them. What i would do is spray paint the entire thing throuroughly and right after you paint it, before it dries use a Q-Tip with paint thinner on it to clean out the pin holes…