Pink Fairy in Bath

The highspot of my unicycling weekend, in fact the only unicycle related activity other than spending a huge amount of time on Naomi’s quiz, was during a shopping trip to Bath. Bath is an elegant town, populated on Saturday by elegant people. Even the Big Issue sellers looked more elegant than me, so my small change went to another good cause for this week only.

On the way to the shops to replace my scruffy clothes, we encountered a bloke dressed as a pink fairy entertaining the crowds on an eight-foot(-ish) giraffe. We watched for ten minutes, during which time he idled continuously while entertaining the crowds. It was an inspiration to watch, although my lovely daughter seemd to think that I could only hope to achieve wearing the fairy outfit.

Has anyone else met him, or does he lurk here?

Sounds like one of Pinkman’s many imitators! But I don’t know if the “real” Pinkman ever uses a giraffe…

Pinkman used to have his own web site, but now the best thing I could find was that MySpace page.

…you might want to correct your URL before your 10 minutes are up.

Didn’t see him, whilst, coincidentally, I was spending some of this bank holiday weekend in Bath visiting friends nearby in Trowbridge . High spot was a Thai restaurant just uphill from a European market that was taking place in some small rectangular Bath park or other, fairly near Jolley’s, whatever Jolley’s is. Really excellent food and far cheaper than we expected. Then I lost the car in a multi-storey park, 10 minutes to find it again…in a near empty car park. Bath itself is a nightmare for a non local car driver.


Oops. (8 hours later)

Check this one out:
Jeremy Shafer with a group of Berkeley unicyclists in 1991! Click the Pink Man button for Pink Man.

This link appears to be Pink Man’s new home. is gone.

What do you think Dave, sound like Molesworth to you? :). Sorry, private joke, an old unicycling friend of myself and kington99 goes to university in bath.

I’ll ask him and see if he knows anything about him.


Ah yes I’d forgotten he was at Bath. Of course he might not have been dressed in pink, it migt have just been his hair.