Pink and White(New Video)

Well, another day of riding and I bring you another video. nothing special, a few 180’s off a prak bench, some 5foot and 3 foot drops, me hopping down a jungle gym play structure, and some other junk, I am not the best trials rider(I rock at muni), but since I don’t have my muni this is really all I can do for now. It’s called Pink and white cause I am wearing one of my Pink t-shirts and the snow is well… white. I ripped my kinport handle today(even with the reinforcement plate), off of a 5 footer, I landed with a ton of weight on my handle, so now it has a 2 inch tear on both ends and flexes downwards alot, and it probably wont hold up to much more before it completely falls off…

Blah Blah Blah, Here yah go:

Pink and White(16mb) Enjoy!

It seems like either I get hurt, or I hurt my uni lately…

P.S. If anyone has either a Kinport handle, or an LX saddle for sale/trade let me know.

That sucks about your handle, I have an LX seet that is beat to holly hell. But I don’t think I would want trade or anything, i don’t think anyone would want it either.

Another great video catboy. I look forward to seeing more.

ha,dont you hate it when you land in the snow and just get stuck?I hate tha.

you need your muni.