Pink and Black 20" Freestyle Unicycle

Pink and Black Freestyle Unicycle for Sale

Black Nimbus X 20" Wheel with UDC Hardened Hub and crank bolts (48 spokes - black) - £85 New
20 inch pink gusset tyre - £13 New
Inner tube for 20" tyre, shrader valve - £3 New
89mm black cranks - £28 New
Square rubber pedals - £6.50 New
20" Nimbus II ‘Long-Neck’ Black Frame - £20 New
Carbon Fibre Seat Base for Miyata Saddle - £41.50 New
Black Handle for Miyata Saddles - £7 New
Pink Leather Miyata Seat cover (ONE OF A KIND) - £20 New
Alloy Seatpost 25.4x350mm, anodised Black - £12 New

Total new = £236

Asking price £130 ono

This is a really great unicycle and I am sad to see it go but I am moving from my 3 bed house to a small appartment and sadly have no room for more than one unicycle and have decided to keep my DM. Would love to see it go to a good home :slight_smile:

Please PM for more details and pictures etc.

Little Leigh

where abouts in derby are you?
email me, maybe we can ride sometime?

oh, i may also buy this uni :slight_smile:
get back to me on that email above please :slight_smile:

Thats a good deal :slight_smile: you should definelty get it! I’ll teach you freestyle at the BUC :smiley:

AND if you don’t like the cranks you can give them to me :smiley:

girlfriends already texted the guy and he’s accepted the offer :slight_smile: not 100% sure that i will be at BUC nowadays though :frowning: driving lessons for birthday and all that jazz to beg the mother for, definately next year though! and still a small chance of this year :slight_smile:

Oh… is it for a beginer? then you’ll definetly not want 89mm cranks!

my girlfriend bought it off leigh for my bday prezzie :stuck_out_tongue: not allowed it until september :frowning:

I hope you like it Peter but btw I am not a guy I am a girl :stuck_out_tongue: