PINK ALERT---Torker unistar Pro


if you order the new smoke grey Torker unistar pro thinking your getting a flat grey color beware…there are pink glittery sparkles mixed into the paint.

you have been warned.

smoke illoutuin.jpg

And this is a bad thing?

Lol, that’s what you get for buying a Torker :stuck_out_tongue:

naw, im pretty impressed with torker…they keep improving the line every year…now offering a long neck frame is pretty cool.

Think of them as light purple sparkles that only happen to look pink because of a color optical illusion.

But yeah, Torker should have picked a different color for the sparkles in the paint.

It is because only girls ride long-necks. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually that is a pretty good looking unicycle.

hea I ride a KH long neck…

What is your point? :roll_eyes:

Perhaps his mind isn’t dragging in everyone else’s gutter…