[PING WA RIDERS] Wanna Ride? I'll be there...

I’ve decided I’ve had enough of below zero weather and have decided to pack up and move to sunny California where you can actually MUni/Street all year long (and play disc golf & surf)! I’m so excited and I will be taking the LONG way to Huntington Beach where I’ll be moving in with some friends.

I leave tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 8th) and will go from Minneapolis to Seattle, then head down the coast to LA. Along the way I will be stopping and different cities along the way and it’s probably going to take me a month or so to finally get “home”.

I am looking for people I can visit and ride with (MUni or Street/Trials) along my way and/or if possible spend a night (or two) with them. Please let me know if you’re interested. These are rough estimates (give or take a day or two) as I’m still planning my trip and route, but I plan to be in Spokane on the 13th, then Seattle on the 14th, then Portland on the 20th. I’m willing to take detours if it’s out of my way.

Please post here or email me at unicycle6869@yahoo.com. Thanks.



I think our ride-list master sent you an e-mail to allow you to subscribe to our ride list. Just pick what you want to do (MUni, trials, Coker, etc) and we will fix you up. We haven’t had a giraffe ride in a couple of years. We did a few mile giraffe ride on the Burke-Gilman trail once.

OK, great! I just subscribed to your email list. Yeah! I would love to go for a MUni and Street/Trials/Flatland ride. How’s the weather out there? MUni good? Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to fit my 12 footer so we’ll have to hold off on the Giraffe MUni ride. :slight_smile:

We’re kind of back to normal now which is wet but not cold. We only ride weenie giraffes half that tall anyway. I think Steve has a 9 footer or 14 footer you could use.

Any takers? Still looking for a place to crash for a night or two when I’m in Seattle next week starting Valentines Day thru the weekend. Please let me know ASAP if you’d be willing to host me and/or go for a ride. Think I’ll be able to find people to ride with, but finding lodging might be difficult…let me know or I guess I’ll have to try couchsurfing.com if worse gets to worse. Would rather stay with a fellow unicyclists though… Thanks.

[PING OR RIDERS] Wanna Ride or Host? I’ll be there…




We’re thinking about a distance ride with Cokers for this weekend in hopes of getting in some training for the Chilly Hilly on the 25th. We can surely find a Coker for you to borrow unless you would like to try BlueShift or a Schlumpf if available. We rode the Iron Horse Trail with Andy Cotter one year (I think Andy is level 7) and he took BlueShift the entire 25 mile route in 43" mode with a Viscount saddle without ever trying it first. You high level riders annoy me. Regardless, we have seatposts galore for a Coker retrofit to your longs legs. My inseam is 35" and BlueShift is set for me and can be raised somewhat if you would prefer trying that.

Hmmm…I might be interested…but might be heading up to Vancouver on Saturday for a couple days if I can find a place to stay. If I am in Seattle then I might give the long distance a try but would also love to go for a MUni and street/trials ride when I’m there. Should be there for almost a week so I should be able to get them all in. Still figuring things out though and will know more later…

I’ve actually changed my plans a little and am currently in Spokane right now. Will head to Seattle tomorrow (the 15th) for two days, then head up to Vancouver for 2 days, then head back down to Seattle and spend a couple more days in Seattle next week. So I am now looking for a place to crash next Monday thru the weekend. Please let me know if you think you could host me.

I suppose people might want some more info about me if they don’t know me. You can check out my myspace account here or couchsurfing acccount =0&view=detail&sid=72860796507315924631a6b5a0852a57"]hereto get the feel for who I am. You can bet I know pretty much any unicyclist from MN and am good friends with many of them plus many others from around the world. I’m 27 years old , been unicycling for 17 of them, and from Minneapolis, MN (lived there my whole life) and am on my way to sunny Huntington Beach, CA where I’ll live for a year or two or whenever I don’t like it anymore. I did go to MOAB for the first time last year and loved it and will for sure be going this year. You might remember seeing a super tall MUni or tall guy and that was probably me! I’ve also been to every NAUCC and UNICON since 1993.

Also looking to go on some rides (MUni, Trials, Street or Flatland) this Friday the 16th and anytime next week starting on Tuesday the 20th. Don’t know if there are people that don’t work normal hours that would want to go for a ride while everyone else is working? Let me know, otherwise I might stay for some weekend rides on the 24th and 25th…

Peace & Love