PING Unibrier or anyone who has pics of the Black Hills MUni weekend last year

It seems that Unibrier has made a gallery for the BH MUni weekend. I have a bunch of photos, so I thought we could make a collection. Should I email them to you, Unibrier? or what?
If anyone else has any, we can use those too.

(I don’t have a gallery, and I can’t make one, so I think we should use the existing one.)

I finally got my BH pics up in .

I haven’t captioned them yet, if anybody can help ID all the riders (my memory is shot) I can update captions.

fuego, check you PMs.

If anyone else wants to add photos to the gallery send me a PM.

Alright, thanks steve. I’m going to have to do all my pics after school, because i don’t have enough time right now. I might as well get started. thanks again.

I have photos, they just magically dissapeared though. Im the one with the big target on the front of my helmet.

Ok, i’m done uploading my pics. Are you going to be able to find yours aaron?