Ping the Mississippi boys

Lewis, Chris-

I sent you guys an e-mail last night and asked you to call the hotel where I’m staying, the Historic French Market Inn. It’s 504-561-5621. I wanted to meet you guys at the City Park in New Orleans at noon instead of the Zoo. I’ll meet you in the New Orleans Museum of Art parking lot. The park is huge and Karen wants to go to the museum. Lots of uni and trials opportunities. I will only meet you there if you call me, otherwise it’s the zoo. Leave some return phone numbers in the voice message.

Hasta manana.

Sorry, Greg: I just love the idea of paying $4.95 a minute at an Internet Cafe in the French Quarter… otherwise, I would have responded sooner. I left a message on the voice mail… kinda incoherent and groggy, but a definate affermation of Museum rondevue.

Hey kids! -ever wana leave the H-Man a heavy breather phone message? Remeber- long distance calls are free when you dial from work!

Hasta Yo-Mama.


As you know, we got your message and we met yesterday in City Park in New Orleans. Glad we could meet. I just wanted to post here instead of making a new thread. It was great meeting you and your wife, despite the excessive groping. Just kidding … it was just right. Anyway, we made it back with no problems and had a blast. I hope you enjoy your conference, and we’d be honored to drive down to New Orleans again the next time you have a convention. Maybe we will make it out your way at some point. I know that Chris would probably stay and never come back, though, so its a good thing you have a spare room. Again, the meeting was a pleasure!

Take it easy,