(ping) Tcuc

So, I’m going off to St. Paul for college in a couple months, and I’m wondering about tcuc. I assume it still exists, so when and where does it meet? Who’s in it? Do you guys do stuff that isn’t freestyle? Will I get owned by your skillz? (yes.)

Anybody know anything about transportation? I’m going to Macalester if that helps anything. Mostly I want to hook up with some unicyclists there, since I know that there are a lot.

Yay being back into the sport!

Fuego, you will be welcome at TCUC. Check out the calendar at our website for practices locations. www.tcuc.org. We have several a week.

We are mainly a freestyle group, but have a number of muni riders and a growing trials group. We also play hockey every week.

Zip me a pm if you need more info.

I’m going to assume I know who you are fuego (Leif). But if I’m wrong and you are still on this forum (since I know this is a very old post), contact me because we now have a Macalester Unicycle club!