PING: Steve DeKoekkoek

I never figured out what “ping” ment, but thats what everybody else does.

I cant remember what your username is, so I’ll just have to post here.

We would like to ask your permision to use this photo in a newspaper article my Dad is writing. At the moabMF website, there’s a link to your moab gallery. We needed a picture of a string of riders along a trail, and this one fits. So please let me know.



You might want to send a PM to Unibrier, Steve’s posting name, just in case this thread slips off the first page before he’s online again.

Anyone who spells my name right the first time, as in the tread title, is cool with me. I assume you’ll get it right in the photo credit too.:slight_smile:

Be sure to post a copy of the article.


Yes, I will, but it might not get used. We’re just finding several good pictures that will work, and they’ll probally only use one or two. That is, if the article will even get printed, but it most likely will.