PING South Africa !

Hey guys !
I’m going to Joburg for work this sunday, until the 2nd of July. Any unicyclist around ?
I’ll be probably very busy, and I might be going to Zimbabwe if we get visas, but I would love to ride with some of you guys at some point.

I’l get a South African sim card as soon as I get there.

Cheers !


Email me on, I’ll pass your detail on to the guys in Johannesburg.
If you head out towards Mpumalanga, Nelspruit in particular, give me a shout.

I’m sure GILD sorted sorted you out. If not, get hold of Alan at He is based in Joberg.

If you going down to Cape Town, try I’m away away for the next few weeks, but the other guys are always keen for a ride.

Enjoy your trip!