ping sound

hey, i just bought a torker dx and it arrived 3 days ago. second day i had it i was riding and noticed a pinging sound, once per revolution. i went back home and checked all the spokes cuz thats what it sounded like and sure enough, i found a loose spoke. i tightened that up, but the next day, the pinging sound was still there. i have ruled out that the spokes are loose and i dont think its the splines cuzit 4 days old. what could this be?? any help much appreciated!

hmm… it could be the splines because it’s only 4 days old! They have to “Break In” and loosen up some. Also never rule out the spokes. Spokes are sneaky. They loosen up alot, especially if u ride it hard or when they are new like yours. I’d just make sure everything is lubed up and tight and ride it for a few weeks untill everything is more broke in. The pinging will probably go away.

The same thing happend to my Muni when it was new, i made sure the spokes where tight and in a few weeks the noise stopped.

try tightening the cranks

To an untrained ea r what sounds like the spokes could acctually be the cranks…Give the pinch bolts a good reef on to make sure theyre tight


Try spraying each place where the spokes cross each other with WD-40. I have had the spokes make noise off of each other.

that was the problem when I heard anoise on my LX

ok thanks guys! i will tighten up everything and just not worry about it for a couple weeks. maybe ill try some wd-40 on the spokes like carey said. thanks for all your help!

The thing is, with the spokes that come with the DX, they are painted black, so wehere they rub together and flex, it will chip off paint and when it hits the little bump, it makes a sound.

Keep things tight, keep riding, break it in, its only been 4 days.