The race brace pro ankle support item on your product review site has no “review this product” link on it so i can’t review it.

i suggested that product a while ago but have been testing it for a while longer so i can give a more complete review.

if you can sort it out ill review it as soon as possible

thanks, iain

the ‘review this item’ link appears only when you are signed in.

I will come up with a more intiutive approach.


yeah that works, sorry for being so lame and slow on the uptake;)

the picture for the “race brace pro” is actually a picture of the “race brace” ankle support, just thought i’d let you know:p

im off to write that review…now!


arggg, sorry

i decided to review everything else i have as well, but i accidentally submitted my review of universe twice, sorry :roll_eyes:


thanks alot, the pic is updated, and your double post is but one.

you need to add the Thomson seat post and the Carbon Fiber seat plate to your list.

thanks, the Thompson seat post, and several seat bases have now been added