Ping...Sofa.(KH seat question)

when you tightened the nut down and the bolt rounded out the plastic seat base,how much force did you use?

did you crank it down really hard or just as snug as every other seat post you have mounted?

(im also curious why this isnt happening to more people.even the cheapest seats with plastic seat bases have a little middle plate in there.)

Minor thread-jack

My Velo sadle is flexing a desturbing amount… like it’s threatening to fold at the center… I worry…



one my god,one problem at a time…

my new red seat hasnt even got here yet and im already thinking i sould be sending it back.

Rysling,is there a chance you could produce a pic of this super flex?

Re: Ping…Sofa.(KH seat question)

It was starting to spin even before pressure started. It was spinning with the turning motion of the wrench :frowning:

In there nice and tight now, with the thin nuts between the seat base and the seatpost base though.

Re: Re: Ping…Sofa.(KH seat question)

how did you hold the bolt tight without damaging the threads while tighning the nuts?

Re: Re: Re: Ping…Sofa.(KH seat question)

I just held the top of the bolt (the least amount I could, to still get a hold on it) with pliers, to keep it in place, being careful not to damgae the threads. Nothing got damaged in the process

ok thanx,Sofa.

i wonder if Rysling is working on that flexing picture yet?

If you didn’t want to grab the threads with pliers you could tighten two nuts against one another at the end of the bolt. You could grab them with pliers while you tightened the thin nut.


thats a great idea dazed,sending it back is another option too :wink: