*PING* Shaun...Flip Vid No. 2?

Yeah i think you should make a second one if you have time…there have been alot of advances in the world of flips since the last one you made. I would certainly like to see another one.

Just a thought

i think one is in the making

I hope so… A new one would be nice…

I though both of you were forrestunifreak when I saw your avatars. I was very confused.

Another flip vid would be good.

HAHA, yeah another one is in the making. That’s awesome, lol. Wow. It’s put on a small hold since we got more snow, I’ll continue when the weather gets alittle better. Nothing too amazing in this vid again, no great sets or anything, just the plethora of all flips that I can do. (I’ll leave a few out, that everyone knows). It should be done a week after weather gets nice. Should be good I suppose. Any flips anyone wants to see in praticular? I’ld be glad to do them, or learn them if I don’t know them yet.

-Shaun Johanneson

i wanna see something, im not sure if it’s possible but it’d be cool…do u think you could do a big spin shifty with an x up?..if not a big spin then just a regular spin would be cool too. and hell throw a crankflip in there so it actually counts as a flip trick

You should ride in the snow, I was trying crankflips and unispins on my lawn in the snow, that way if I fall I don’t get hurt.

Don’t be a chicken shit, it’s only snow, Haha!

EDIT: I want to see a dodecaflip, that’s 12 flips of the cranks, for you unworthy of the maths.

Do you think a leg around flip would be possible? I dont know exactly how it would go but a flip from sif and ending in sib…that would be cool.

That would look insane!

I do think Shaun should do a dodecaflip off of his roof or something into a big snow bank.

360 Sidespin Flip, Shaun! And then call it a Mick Flip. Kinda like “Mc” Mullin because of my invention of the 360 sidespin, and its rhyming with the Hick from hickflip. If you don’t get it for this video, then one of us will do it in North Dakota when I visit you haha.


What is that, any videos or even a description?


I think it’s seat to the side 360 Unispin?

and a difficult one which i think is possible crank flip to one foot coasting :slight_smile:

A 360 sidespin is a 360 unispin, but instead of spinning it under your legs, you wrap your back leg around the uni in the same direction, and then you kind of throw the seat back in from behind you, and land seat in. Make sense? It looks awesome.

So I think Shaun could do it with a flip.


You know what I wanna see, 7Flip! Try your best man, it’ll be glorious if you land it!

I guess that makes sense. Sounds very hard and difficult to intigrate a flip into, you got a vid of it Kevin?

On wikipedia it says Shaun is the only one to ever have landed a tripple crankflip. I wanna see one of those!


there ya go.

Wow, that looks very awesome.

What the… :astonished:

that was great!