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I see the image is up on the Onza MUNi. Can you give us some specs? Like:

Overall weight?

Will it take a 3.0 Gazz? If so, with how much side clearance?

Any frame weight?


ya and check out the trials too!
it looks Awesome!
now it needs to come over here to the US

Onza Muni

Yes please Roger,

could you tell me if the frame will take a 3.0" Gazz.

If it does, is the tyre clearence bigger than a gnats dangly bits unlike the Nimbus that fires out stones with alrming speed and precision at any other rider within range (up to 10m).!!!


Re: Ping: Roger - Onza MUni ?'s

teachndad <> wrote:

> I see the image is up on the Onza MUNi. Can you give us some specs?

I can only get the small image, it 404s when I “click to see more”. :frowning:

Nick Grey
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could we compare it to this
this one looks great too! (and much much cheaper!)
so what are the differences?


Is there any chance of the KH24 being sold by too?

And then there’s the Max Traction too. I have no idea where my 200 to 250 quid should go.

A 24" wheel with a 3" Tyre does seem the way people are leaning now though, so I’m curious about the onza tyre capacity too.

I’ll ask again if anyone has experience of getting hold of a KH24 in the UK, and if they have any idea about customs charges etc.

The larger image is now working.

Sorry for being slow here… was out last night getting the first meeting going about the British Unicycle Convertion. It is going to be so cool… you are all invited, please come… Hmmmm slightly off topic there!

These are the links to the full spec pages with all the information.

There are also the main differences between the old and new highlighted. Bascially it is a cool unicycle! I am totally impressed.

The tyre on the 24" is not a 3" but a 2.6". It rides fantastically though so don’t be too disapointed… it is about half the weight of a Gaz or Contra tyres. It makes the unicycle feel totally different and really nice - this is a really light unicycle! It will easily fit a 24"x3" tyre in the frame if that is what you are wanting.

Talking of light… Simon is now testing the new aluminium frame and it looks like it may be holding up ok.

KH unicycles are about to leave Taiwan to come to the UK. They will be on sale at the end of October.

I think that was all… lots of questions! Ahhhh


It is on the way to there now to the US, should arrive about Mid November. :slight_smile:


Speaking of Onza’s, when is my trials one going to get here? I ordered it about a month ago, then recieved an E-Mail saying that they need to order new ones, then there was a post about it being shipped on the 26th of August, so that means it should be here by now, so why isn’t it?

6.5 kg is 14.32 lbs. Not bad, curious as to the weight of the alluminum version when it comes out.

Still,this seems like a great MUNi.

Do the cranks have a Q- factor unlike the KH cranks?

I’m in the same boat as you Potter. I ordered mine about 6 weeks ago and they’re still feeding me this “3 more weeks” stuff. I need that unicycle. My 20" is getting trashed. I hope they don’t raise the price because the uni’s are changed. I know that I really don’t want to wait 3 months and then have someone tell me that I didn’t pay enough.

By the way, if the cranks on the new one are anything like the old cranks, they’ll have about the same siderake as the Profiles.

Oh yeah, siderake is also known as q-factor.

Thanks for the reply Roger, any idea yet on price for the KH?

The trainer 20" I bought off you in January is still holding up well, but my unicycling is increasingly taking it into areas it really isn’t designed for, and cash is swiftly getting put aside for a Muni to drag through the English winter. I have another month or two to save so waiting for the KH might be the way to go.

Havn’t got a price yet, I won’t know until the week before the container lands. Importing is an odd job, it is very hard to guess what you are going to charged by the customs etc. especially on a new product. I will post on the forum as soon as I know.


Do you know how much the onza 20" will cost in the US?

Sorry no, it should be very competitive though and my guess is about the same price or may be a little bit cheaper than the Kris Holm unicycle. I will as John if he can give a reply and a price, my guess is that the answer will be that he will not give a price until they have landed because of taxes.