PING: Rhysling. Tell us Hows your neck

Last I saw, they were fitting you with a neck brace.

Don’t just drop that on us without a follow-up!

What events lead up to the photo?

What happened to your neck?

How are you now?


:astonished: :thinking:

neck brase 2.jpg

sounds like he’s okay.

rhyslings own words

Very Unforgiving Sport.

Be carefull.

Yup. “Doing drops” isn’t quite the same.

What the heck happened? I can’t get the Jagur link to work. Where is he? How is he? I’m assuming he was flying.

he crashed hang-glideing and tore tendons in his neck he says.

the “Jagur Link” seems to working fine for most people.BTW if you post a comment to Chris through the link put your name at the end like Mojoe did since it will appear on the other side as comming from my e-mail account.

That picture is not what I was looking for when I asked for hang gliding details. I’m glad it’s not as serious as it looks. Hope the healing is quick.