Ping Reef (Mars-Volta)

Has anyone seen or heard of him recently?

He bought a unicycle of me and i posted it about halfway through last week.
I have emailed and PM’d him with no response for around a week :frowning:

Hey Reef Buddy, just wanted to let you know its on its way

and that i threw you in a FREE SINKER!!! :slight_smile:

hope your safe.

your name is tom

a man of very acute perception.

why do you say so?

you thought it was “THOM”!

I have always written it as Thom on things that i dont entirely want to be related back to myself… Grafitti (Art not rude words) letters to the paper etc…

sorry for any confusion.



what is wrong with your little blue head?

A bumPitty

Sweet, I got a thread about me. LAWL.
And I didn’t even know till now. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Yes I received the uni and enjoyed the sinker ha ha.
Thanks for my very own thread Tom.