hey i see you are the newest member.welcome and are you in Salem by chance?

i know your out there…

Hey! Thanks for welcoming me. And no, I live in a pretty small town that no one has ever heard of. I have two unis, one torker 24 CX and one generic 20. I am okay at riding, can go for several miles and up and down pretty steep hills.

well i live in Oregon too,im sure ive heard of your town since ive lived here all of my 31 years.i live in Salem.when you want to ride with others give me a ring.we usally go to Falls City on Sundays.

I live in Sweet Home. I have a job in Eugene in the summer and I’m hoping to get involved with the group over there. Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on it sometime.

Why do you have a rabbit with a pancake on its head in your signature?

It’s not the Rabbit with the pancake that I’m worried about. It’s the avitar that he uses that scares me.

Yeah, I’m from Canada and maybe my knowledge of US geography isn’t what it could be, but isn’t Sweet Home the capitol of Alabama? :smiley: And I’m sure I’m the first person to ever make THAT attempt at humour.

Your joke is a little off. There is a song about Sweet Home Alabama, but Montgomery is the capitol of Alabama. The place you refer to appears to be smaller even than Sweet Home Oregon.

Montgomery is the capitol? I thought it was Ruben Studdard.:wink: