[PING OR RIDERS] Wanna Ride or Host? I'll be there...

I’ve decided I’ve had enough of below zero weather and have decided to pack up and move to sunny California where you can actually MUni/Street all year long (and play disc golf & surf)! I’m so excited and I will be taking the LONG way to Huntington Beach where I’ll be moving in with some friends.

I left (Thursday, Feb. 8th) and will go from Minneapolis to Seattle, then head down the coast to LA. Along the way I will be stopping at different cities along the way and it’s probably going to take me a month or so to finally get “home”.

I am looking for people I can visit and ride with (MUni or Street/Trials) along my way and/or if possible spend a night (or two) with them. Please let me know if you’re interested. These are rough estimates (give or take a day or two) as I’m still planning my trip and route, but I plan to be in Oregon on the 19th or so and for sure want to stop in Portland for a couple days and then I’ll probably take the coast down the rest of the way (heard it’s really nice). I’m willing to take detours if it’s out of my way though. No set plans and I’m pretty flexible. Will spend at least a week or more traveling thru Oregon.

I’d also like suggestions/tips on places I should make sure I stop at or see and do. Please post here or email me at unicycle6869@yahoo.com. You can call me if you want too at 612-240-8786, sometimes that’s faster and more convinent. Don’t know how much I’ll have internet access over the next couple days. Thanks.



New dates…I am now thinking I’ll be in Oregon around the 22nd or so and proably spend a week till I make it to CA. If you live anywhere in Oregon and want to ride and/or could host me please let me know.

Peace & Love

I’ll be hanging out downtown most likely, if you can get to Pioneer square it’s a great place to ride, and Reed College has a Juggling night (and unicycling) every Wednesday from 7PM to 9PM it’s pretty cool, I wouldn’t be able to host sorry there is a nice Shilo Inn a few blocks from my house thats affordable to stay in for a few weeks. I can email you the information if you want.

That Pioneer square looks like so much fun. I cant wait till I can drive, ill be there in a heartbeat.

Thanks for the info ducttape! I might try and make it Wednesday night…where would I find it? Also if you could PM me info about the Shilo Inn that’d be great! Thanks.

It’s most fun when It’s crowded it seems too big when it’s empty…

will do, I’ll get the info to you ASAP(as in as soon as i finish typing it)

I suppose people might want some more info about me if they don’t know me. You can check out my myspace account here or couchsurfing acccount =0&view=detail&sid=72860796507315924631a6b5a0852a57"]here to get the feel for who I am. You can bet I know pretty much any unicyclist from MN and am good friends with many of them plus many others from around the world. I’m 27 years old , been unicycling for 17 of them, and from Minneapolis, MN (lived there my whole life) and am on my way to sunny Huntington Beach, CA where I’ll live for a year or two or whenever I don’t like it anymore. I did go to MOAB for the first time last year and loved it and will for sure be going this year. You might remember seeing a super tall MUni or tall guy and that was probably me! I’ve also been to every NAUCC and UNICON since 1993.

all I know is that I have to let my mom know that you’ll be in town and I may be riding with you in the next week,that is if i want to even have a chance of riding with you this coming week. You most likely will be meeting my mom(or dad, depends on who is closer after school).

OK, I will be in Portland sometime on Sunday the 25th and all day the 26th and will head spend the 27th in Newport. I’ll do a ride in falls city on the 28th and stay in Corvallis on the 28th and 1st. From there I’ll head down the coast to CA on the 2nd. Let me know if anyone wants to do a ride if I’m in or going thru your city. I’ll hit up downtown Portland either Sunday afternoon or sometime during the day on Monday.

Lets do a MUni ride when you get to Corvallis, I PMed you my number

OK, sounds good. I will be riding in Falls City on the 28th and then will head to Corvallis after riding. You could join me there if you wanted and/or we could go for another ride on the 1st somewhere. Are there good trails around there? What day and time would work for you?

The 1st would work, I can take off early from work. There are some great trails around here, the one I rode today was like a creek (lots of rain today).

If you’re in downtown Portland Monday give me a call and I’ll go ride. I’ll PM you my number, if your there anytime between 8am and 2:45 pm then I’ll be in school…

There’s going to be what looks to be a big ride on Sunday, March 4 in Fairfield CA (an hour north of SF) if you’re down here by then. And as always, unicycle basketball on Tuesday night in Berkeley.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it to th at ride, wish I could! Maybe basketball…