[PING] OC/LA Riders-Email List

I am now living in Huntington Beach and I am going to start an email list. If anyone wants to be included, please either send me an email at unicycle6869@yahoo.com or write your email here. The rides will be around Orange County and LA. I’m going to try going on at least one ride a week but maybe two. Probably a MUni ride and a street ride. If anyone knows of any good trails or area’s to ride, please let me know. Jim is showing me one today at Canyon Vistas Park on Canyon Vistas in Laguna Niguel at 2pm or so. Also, anyone can have my cell phone number cause sometimes it’s easier to get ahold of me and find each other at the meeting spot. 612-240-8786 Hope to meet and ride with some of you guys.


Here is a list of a bunch of LA riders.