hey i was just wondering how much your Koxx hub and crankset cost you…thats all.


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Your lucky I do a quick scan through all the old threads that I havn’t looked at next time you should use the wonders of pms and avoid making more threads than needed.

I bought my hub and cranks from www.renegadejuggling.com

If you send them an email or fill out the order form without the credit card info then they will give you a quote for shipping. If I remember correctly I payed about 25 bucks american shipping. Then once it came across the border they charged me another 31 something dollars in taxes. Altogether it cost me 233 or something like that.

I would definatly give division 8 a call. Even if they charge a couple bucks more you will probably save on shipping and you won’t get hit by the border. Plus its always nice to support Canadian business.

If they are going to cost the same either way though I would highly recommend renegade as they kept in touch with me the entire way and were really really helpful.

Also don’t forget that you will have to buy a new set of spokes as the ones you have nor are probably either bent or won’t fit or a combination of the two. In my shopping I have found that you may need to increase your cross count in order to get cheaper spokes as getting shorter spokes is generaly much harder. According to the calculator on www.unicycle.co.uk I needed 176 mm for 3 cross which cost me anywhere from $1.50 to $1.00 but I checked out four cross (which I was told wasn’t hard to do) and for that I need 184 mm spokes which are about a third the price. From about $1.00 to $0.30.

The last thing you will have to think of is whether or not you are going to do a wheelbuild yourself or have it done by a professional at your lbs.

Building a wheel yourself takes some work and is difficult but this can save you alot of money if done properly. The hardest part of building a wheel in my experience is getting it true. If you know how to do it then you can true it yourself otherwise if you want it done right and want to save some money then you can lace the wheel yourself and get it trued by your lbs.

I think that takes care of any loose ends if you have any more questions then please use the search function or pm me as I think any form of question you might have can easily be answered in previous threads.

damn that was long.

ok thanks…but ive already got a new hub/crankset set up…sorry…but i appreciate the effort.