Ping: MucRider

call me 335-1127

I’ve lined up a gig for Marquis to earn some $$ for the trip to Minnesota.

Problem is Tommy will be in Florida and I’ve got people coming in from out of town and will be covered up at the time of the gig.

Charles says he can ride some or all of the gig but can’t pick up Marguis.

The gig: Riding giraffes from 1pm to 5pm Saturday at Liberty Tax Service in Cordova. He has a “lady liberty” and “uncle Sam” costume. Ride around the parking lot near Germantown Parkway holding a sign. Dude has organized a bunch of stuff. There’ll be a firetruck, hotdogs…stuff like that. I figure ride for 10 minutes, rest for 5 minutes, ride for 10 minutes, rest for 5 minutes…

I suggested only Marquis. This is a “professional” gig and if 2 of the kids attend, there will be a discipline problem. Marquis needs the $$. Alone he will behave responsibly. This could lead to more similar jobs.

$100 towards airfare, lodging, etc.

You are welcome to my giraffe or I bet we can get one of Tommy’s.

Can you help?