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please dont forget to add a bloody picture to your gallery after the inevitable face plant.

A guy at NAUCC was doing the trials with clip-ins. He was fantastic. He was obviously one with the machine and his connection with it was tighter than the hand-on-handle thing. I wasn’t able to watch all his runs, but the ones I saw were very impressive.

Yes the guy at the NAUCC was petty good, but I think clipless pedals are better suited to trials riding than other types of riding.

After seeing the guy at the NAUCC, I thought I’d give clipless a try on my muni, just to see what it would be like. For hopping around, it was fine, but I didn’t find myself jumping any higher.

The problem came with forward riding. It’s easyy to unclip while just hopping or staying in one spot, but it’s not so easy when riding. I practiced riding across my grass yard and I coudn’t safely dismount while riding forward.

So, off with the clipless pedals.

later… Mojoe

Nope, I won’t add a bloody picture because my face is still ok :wink:
I just tried it for about one hour to see what it’s like. The pedals were set to unclip easily and the cleats in the shoes were already very “destroyed” by walking. So it was very easy to leave the pedal, I only had one “almost-crash” where my feet were on the ground somewhat later than normal.
Anyway: I’d never do that for muniing because the danger of falling and not being able to dismount is much too big. But I can imagine that for one foot cycling it could be quite useful as you’re able to push and pull the pedal.
All in all a nice experience but I wouldn’t recommend it for every day’s use, the pedals fit better to my b**e…

Martin with the healthy face :smiley:

The guy at NAUCC also fell on one of the harder obstacles, and I think he broke his arm. Not sure if it was broken, I never saw him go to the hospital. I did se him asleep on the park bench in front of the gym icing his arm. That was about the time that the Muni Orienteering started. If any body here knows him, do you know if he was alright? He took one hell of a spill.

Those that competed in the trials event would remember the obstacle. I believe it was the hardest one. It started with a car then went to I believe a cable reel to some boards set up like this /\ /\ /\ /\ and as he was hopping from one to the next he slammed into the top of one of those /. I cringed as I watched him hit and when he got up his arm looked limp.

It may have happened even if his feet weren’t clipped in, but I am sure it didn’t help.

Jack Hughes took a spill on the trials course and hurt his arm. I don’t know if he broke it or not. But he spent a good portion of the day after that laying on the bench in front of the gym putting ice on his wrist. It may have been Jack Hughes that you saw take the fall, but Jack was not using clipless pedals.

I did see the guy doing the trials with the clipless pedals. Slightly crazy to think of doing that, but he was doing OK.

I stand corrected. Thanks John.