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It is under my impression that both of you guys, as well as others created uniCoNNews and, though I could be wrong. Because you have the resources to create video podcasts, then why not convert the videos on and put them on a podcast? I know that I would subscribe to this in a heart beat, as well many others I’m pretty sure.


Hi Matt,

first I want to thank you for your compliments!
You are right with that vodcast thing and we are thinking about that since a few month. To add a third, podcast compatible format is planned and will be done as the next step when gossi has finished the new design of UTV. He do it in his private time and for sure he is for several reasons late but it seems that he is now really close to make it online. Then we can start implementing something like a podcast. I take a look at ITunes and figured out that they have no user friendly copyright rules. Even if you buy music over ITunes you don’t got the full rights to use it like you got when you buy a CD. Also a lot of musicians are actually start to fight against IPOD and Sony cause the musicians got nothing from the earned money and Apple and Sony get all :frowning:
But that’s independent from the generally way to use podcast technology.
I think that in the first step we will provide RSS feed and start offering the videos in 3 formats. If you are familiar with that technology and have some free time, feel free to become a member of or team and implement those vodcast stuff completely.
AT least there was a podcast when we start utv but they seemed to stop their service!? There is also that uni vodpod but I try it sometimes and it don’t work well and at least I think one place is enough to collect videos :smiley:
So over the next weeks, the following features should run at the utv page:

  • multi language support
  • RSS feed
  • third format for vodcast
  • voting option

People who are interested in developing new features should contact us. There is an existing developer Wiki to become familiar with the upcoming technology. Thzere are so many needed / wanted features to implement.

hey matt,

the podcast thing sounds interessting. Well as olaf said, we are in the last step to publish the new version of And hey, I tell you, I’m really really happy, when this baby is finally born haha. Prepare on a deep impact of a fresh!

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What is going to be new about, do tell.


What is the developer Wiki? Do you have a link to a website about it?

Also, what features do you want?


I think independent from a new design, the most was invested in new technologie to make a plattform that makes it possible to implement several features like multi language support and voting and comments and good search filters and better sorting of channels and RSS feed and …

@Blegas78: me or gossi will prepare an Email with more detailed Informations soon.

Thanks for your compliments. Your wish was mine ever since I first ever saw

Broadcasting independent media is so cool! I totaly understand the Podfather’s (ex-Mtv and PodShow CEO Adam Curry) enthousiasm. Together with (another visionair) Dave Winer they gaved it a spin in the right direction (and prevented that it resulted in just internet-piracy-radio/tv-station’s).
I don’t have a TV nor Radio for 6 or 7 years now. And I recently discovered I hardly ever listen to radio-streams anymore, but only podcasts and vodcasts. I still wish I’d be a executive-producer for commercial podcasts for internal and external corporate communication, but I like unicycling better.

The uniconnews was easy to publish as we were in full control of the editing.
And so I could publish in the iPod friendly M4V format (by then very new) AND refer to FLV url’s in the RSS.
I’d enjoyed coding the stuff (I think in november 2005) as there hardly were examples, as the techniques were by then brand new (and there were hardly any vodcasts).

Reason I did’nt contribute those pieces of code to yet, is that we didn’t knew how to convert WMV to FLV (and most submission are in WMV). By now I do, so I might copy those db driven php scripts (that generates the xml) to the server.
I’d like to set that up (with a userfriendly interface for Olaf). However (as usual) I’m short in time, so please have some patience.

m4v, flv… and wmv?
Having in the RSS a <link>http://dom.tld/dir/file.ext?entry=serial</link> to a page with links to pages that have the flv and wmv version embedded? And having the m4v in the <encloser-url>?

It almost sounds as if you guys might be a little bit worried about the the ideas of publishing other people’s work, even though I’m sure everyone that gives you their videos wouldn’t mind having their work on a podcast. Is it possible to make a disclaimer that you will upload their videos as a podcast, thus nullifying any legal issues? Is this even really a big problem, or am I just assuming so?

I look forward to the new advancements you guys are implementing, and again, great job with everthing!


uh well, the copyright of the video still resides on the videos owner. Well, as olaf said, we changed the technology to modern standards. Internally XML-Documents are pushed around and put togehter to one. This makes a huge problem with the available servers and pushes back the release some months. Though the output will be driven by XSLT and therefore we are able to publish to any xml-alike format, as we just have to register the new format. At first XHTML is available but with less effort we will shortly provide different feeds.
The formats for videos in the new version are flv (as it’s best for showing a video on websites), mov and wmv.
So, the podcast thing sounds interessting and we are looking forward. I would imagine this story is also based on xml, so we could easily deliver those things in the future.

As for now, we focus on the release of the new website, well I hope this won’t take to long anymore…

Oh before I forget - get new sunglasses anyway you get blinded by the new version, you better all prepare!

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