PING! Kris Holm (your new movie)

OK, Kris, I saw this line today in the mall, but figured you better take it from here…

While standing on the 2nd floor in the mall, I was eyeing the ‘up’ escalator. And it came as a vision. (The things that go through a unicyclist’s mind in a shopping mall :roll_eyes:

Hop up onto the handrail of the up escalor.

Ride down the handrail till where it flattens out near the bottom

Go into a still stand, and ride the hand rail back up

Shout ‘Alright Sofa!’

Ride back down the rail

Hop off the end with some kind of trick (you’re choice, I’m easy)

That’d be the stuff!

How about riding slowly in opposite direction to the handrail’s movement, resulting in staying in the same point…?

Sounds like a trip to the Great Canadian Superstore :smiley:

Lol, not a bad idea, sofa! I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s in universe 3.

Trevor, great idea! I’ve got to try that!

How about riding down an up escalator, forever?

Or you could hop in place, but each time land on another one of the steps as the staircase is moving?
Wouldn’t you have a bit of trouble riding through a mall without getting arrested, though? LOL

Not on a Coker.

what? but I like coke!!