Ping KEN LOOI or maybe GILBY re: LAOS break speed

Ken, this discussion came up recently among some of my club members. Do you have any idea how fast you were able to go on your guni? My friend contends that he read ‘30 mph’ but I thought maybe he was confusing measurement systems (like kph)?

And could you venture to guess about how fast you were going when the gearing gave out on you in Laos?

Gilby (or others), you may know the answers. I couldn’t find a link.



30mph? thats INSANE! anyone have this on tape?

Someone is confusing kilometers and miles.

FYI. Gilby is FAST. I didn’t have any hope of keeping up with him on my coker.

guni are the fasting thing sece runny noses lol but i dougt he went thirty bikes cant go thirty

I don’t know my max speed as I don’t use a cyclecomputer. But I don’t think the max speed will be much faster than on my Coker, although the average speed is probably higher. On some of the downhills where you can max out your speed I was definitely going slower than I would have on a Coker. On the dirt road (day 4) I’m definitely faster on a Coker.

I would guess that my speed was about between 25-30km/h when the gear slipped.

On the AUT I think I was crusing downhill about 30km/h with Nathan and Beau, and then I went slightly faster to chase some someone on a bike, so I think I probably went about 35km/h-40km/h as my max Coker speed.

Wow, I’ve fallen at that speed! whew for me, I’d still be laying there crying!

Not quite sure what you’re trying to say here, but anyone with two wheels, a handlebar, and some gravity can go 30 mph. It’s also been done on a uni, by Christian Hoverath, while riding downhill on a Coker. Actually, I heard his top speed was about 29.3, but that’s pretty darn close.

I don’t think you need a cycleputer. I think you need a radar gun! Rock on, doc!

I rode der Uber down a hill at a pretty good rate of speed near Adam’s (JustOneWheel) house past Brian and Joel Burgess and when I asked Brian how fast he guessed I was going, (I’m pretty sure) he said “probably between 25mph and 30mph”… but that’s just a guess based on another guess of how fast a car drove by (I think)… I sure do wish I could have been timed on der Uber! Boy do I miss that thing :frowning:

I think 30 mph is definitely 100% doable on a guni…

It is pretty easy for a lazy, out of shape couch potato (me) to get up to around 25-30 on flat tarmac on any bike with gears. Road racers rarely go below 30 for the duration of the race. They hit 60 quite often on hills and get going pretty fast during sprints.

The world speed record on a bike is 167mph (269km/h) as seen here He was drafting a big car type thing though.

Gears are huge for the amount of speed you can generate. Not necessarily multiple different gears, but one gear that dramatically increases the amount of speed you get per unit of work you put in is a big help. Theoretically I could gear a coker so it has a 4:1 ratio and it would be the fastest unicycle ever, but nobody could ride it.

This is a fun sentence. Theoretically you could do any kind of gearing but if nobody rode it, would it be fast? Of course it would be fast if dropped from an airplane but does that count? How about this sentence. I could gear a coker so it has a 4:1 ratio and it would theoretically be the fastest unicycle ever, but nobody could ride it. I don’t think Miss Ayerely (for whom my heart aches) could tweak it anymore.

I was going insanely fast on the downhills in Laos, and if I was clocked at 30 mph, I wouldn’t be surprised by it. The hill that Ken broke his leg on was an awesome downhill that I just flew down (and I was ahead of Ken so I didn’t know about the fall and injury). I had no cycle computer, so I don’t know how fast I really went, but I would guess that I was cruising at 20-25 mph on a fair bit of it, and often wondering how to land a upd if that ever was going to happen.

That’s a pretty big range, as 25 mph is 25% faster than 20 mph and might mean a full extra rotation per second. Not that I’m doubting you – I’m just pointing out that there is a big difference, and you probably experienced it accurately. And you were on a 29" Schlumpf, right? What crank size?

Cruising at that speed for a while seems insane! I can so imagine what you must have been thinking. I’ve been on hills where I was planning escape routes and safety roll-outs in case I UPDed.

In fact, last night, just as I was approaching the ‘finish line,’ I hit this tiny bump in the road, probably between a peanut and an almond in thickness, and I almost lost my balance. So I had that terrifying moment of wondering whether I’d be picking up pieces of my knees for the next few minutes. Luckily my extension was enough to help me restore balance. Phew.

And WOW to you. That hill must have been amazing. But we really need to clock someone at these speeds. I’m curious just how fast you young guys can take a guni.

It’s a range as i am sure that my speed was not a consistent speed the whole time. I was riding the 29" schlumpf with 5" cranks.

But yeah, I should get a gps to clock myself over various terrain.