hi dose aneyone know where adam is i wana go rideing with him aghan in long island its so amazeing there i miss the muni

Adam and Renie had a little baby boy recently (8/20). Ziggy Maxwell. 8lbs, 14oz. Mother, Baby, Father and Dog are doing great. Just busy.

I think Adam will be posting a ride very soon.

I’ve been wondering about Adam recently, Glad to hear that all is well.

Congratulations Adam, Renie and family!

oh thats great to hear congrats on the baby boy/future Pro unicyclist

What an cool name; Ziggy.
Lexander is pretty high up there, too.

I thought we agreed on Brian MacKenzie Cohen???

He doesn’t look Irish!!:smiley:

I have to agree.

Although, my wife Renie is half Irish :astonished:

Thanks unicyclePA and everyone else for your concern.

Ziggy is Awesome. I’m going to build him a 10" uni.

We are riding again (Long Island MUni ride) October 21st.

I will start a new thread with all the details.