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Hello Juergen,

I’m just wondering how you and your daughter’s unicycling is coming along? Are you still attending club meetings?


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Hi Jason,

thanks for your question. I tried to reply with a private message, but I think I made something wrong. OK, so now here in the newsgroup:

My daughter Grit (5.5 years old) and I are still going to club meetings; but we now had a 5 week break due to school holidays, where the gym was closed, and vacations we made (where, by the way, Grit learnt to ski).

Little kids can be so funny. My daughter is the youngest kid in the club; all others are at least 7. Therefore she is continually doing all sort of funny things to get some attention from the older kids, and she does not concentrate on unicycling at all. Last time we attended a meeting she spent approx. 10 minutes with here unicycle, but kept running around. We were outside, and she ran around the track oval for several times and made at least 1km. :slight_smile: Astoningishly she does not disturb the others.

So, she still cannot unicycle, but is having a lot of fun at the meetings. I don’t want to press her too much to keep on trying with the unicycle; it’s ok with me if she is just having a good time, and if she practices for some minutes every week she will learn it eventually.

How is King Muni-Man doing? I think you wrote that he can freemount?


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Hello Juergen,

It’s nice to hear your daughter’s still practicing even if she spends most of her time trying to gain attention. It’s something I think a lot of 5 year olds do. My son who is 6 shares this attitude as well.

I’m sure she slept well that night. :wink:

That’s good. Having fun is what it’s all about. My wife and I press our children a little sometimes, otherwise they may never have certain experiences but we mostly let them make their own choices about these sort of things.

He’s doing well but looking forward to his summer holiday. Here in Alaska school is dismissed for three months so he ‘thinks’ he’ll have a lot of free time. However, my wife and I will continue having him read and solve simple addition and subtraction problems during his holiday which I’m sure he’ll find upsetting. :astonished:

His freemount ability comes and goes. Since he learned, he’s done more than 70 successful freemounts but only when no people are around. He’s already self conscious about being seen ‘struggling’. So if someone comes upon us when he is trying to freemount, he’ll quickly ask me to get him started.

Thanks for sharing. There aren’t many super young riders so I was curious how she was coming along. Just keep it fun!