Ping..johnnyjuggle,kyubeman,onewheelnsx,cycletronic...Yahoo Messenger Handles

you guys are never on,and i would like to know if you have new handles or what so i cant delete you from my list.

to bad more unicyclists dont take advantage of such a thing…since the chat portion of this site is bunk…

Re: Ping…johnnyjuggle,kyubeman,onewheelnsx,cycletronic…Yahoo Messenger Handles

I used to be on, but never saw you or yoopers on anymore, so since I use MSN IM and AIM for work, stopped opening Yahoo IM so as to have one less window.

If there’s reason to believe an occasional chat is imminent, I’ll start keeping Yahoo up and running.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Wait a minute, this is from the guy who said, just less that a week ago…

Re: chatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatter

that was a sarcastic crack,i was waiting for sombody to comback with “but look you’ve got over 2000 posts! you are one to talk” but nobody every did.

Re: Re: chatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatter

2,568 posts, to be exact… as of the post above.

It’s so easy for such irony to escape us, now that the post count is “hidden” away…

and whose fault is that? :smiley:

I use AOL IM strictly now.

i’m still here! Actually, i’m on yahoo right now, still same name… I can use it whenever, just haven’t seen anybody on yahoo for a while that’s all… I guess I’ll be there more from now on! Otherwise:

cybeross aim
unicuber msn

Re: Re: chatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatter

I thought it :smiley:

go ahead and move this tread to JC anytime.

is there somthing really nice about AIM or what,does it make for better chatting?

I prefer AIM over all the other Messengers because its the only one that you can use to talk to people with AOL, and i like the setup…not to say its perfect. But i don’t like Yahoo as much…and MSN is pretty good.