Ping Gilby (Was: Re: i am no longer a lurker. i am so proud.)

On Thu, 9 May 2002 09:23:29 -0700, John Foss <>

>> There has been a steady (as opposed to dramatic) increase in posts.
>> Statistics for 2001 can be found on
>> .
>These numbers should be related to the changes in our infrastructure,
>especially the addition of the easy-to-use forums at

I’d be happy to look at it but I don’t know the historical timeline of
the fora and possible other infrastructural changes.

Maybe Gilby has anything to offer?

Klaas Bil

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Re: Ping Gilby (Was: Re: i am no longer a lurker. i am so proud.)

The forums at was launched in March of 2001. They were used by a few people, but not all that many until I switched the free email service over to my own server and actually had something other than the forums on the site. The website update happened in July of 2001, and the email switch happened the end of August, 2001. Since the end of august is when the largest increase in activity has happened and it’s continuing to grow.

I am open to any suggestions to improve the forums to make it easier for those to keep up with the posts in whatever form they read this. I can also set up something on the email list, but I am not the list owner, so that is limited. I am still going to be making the separate forums that will export posts to the newsgroup with a prefix, which I think will make it easier for the newsgroup and email users (and probably the forum users), but I need to add a feature to allow the forum users to view all threads in the various unicycling forums on one page as they do now, in addition to separate forums for each topic.