PING GILBY - Cannot login to new forum!

Over the past 24 hours or so, I’ve been admiring the new look of the forums
(and the new gallery too). Wanted to make some comments about the gallery
so I fill in my username “gkmac” and password at the top and press “log


It is acting as though my username and/or password is incorrect, or it seems
that I don’t exist at all. But according to the below URL I still seem to
have an account…
…so why can’t I login?

Using the “Lost password recovery form” doesn’t seem to be any use either. I
entered the e-mail address that the “PM notifications” were coming into,
namely “uni at gkmac dot co dot uk”. Half an hour later, nothing in my
Inbox whatsoever.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve had to use the newsgroup
gateway to get this message on. Gilby, if you’re out there, PLEASE fix

To reply with e-mail, turn off the spam slicer.

One possibility - has your security level changed on your browser? I had this with the fencing forum - it wouldn’t accept cookies,and for a while I couldn’t get it to accept my password.

It wasn’t letting me log in either today, otherwise no problem

it let me log in but not post i emailed gilby too but he hasnt replied yet but its all good now as you can see i can post now