Ping Frank Bonsch (was Re: My Uni.5 Review)

Hi Frank,

I made a mistake in my e-mail address, it should be
klaas123 (at) xs4all (dot) nl. I hope we can work out a suitable time
to meet so that I can try out uni.6.

Klaas Bil (Klaas Bil) wrote in message news:<>…
> On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 07:44:20 GMT, (Unifrank)
> wrote:
> >You´re right: flattering the German soccer team won´t help at all. But
> >I´m working in Aachen (Aken) just a few km´s from the Netherlands´
> >border. You seem to live in the Den Haag area, so this are another
> >250km. If you want to try uni.6 here in Aachen you´re welcome.
> Hi Frank,
> Aachen! Then maybe we can work something out for this coming weekend.
> I happen to be in South Limburg for a mountain unicycling weekend, so
> I would be very close to you. Would Sunday afternoon suit you? E-mail
> me on klaas123 (at) xs4all (dot) com if it could be accommodated. I’ve
> never ridden anything beyond 28" so the uni.6 with its effective 41"
> diameter (IIRC) would be a big challenge. I’d love to give it a try,
> though.
> CU?
> Klaas Bil