PING Forrest R., Jeff L., Byran S., Spencer H.

Yo, I don’t know any of these guys names so i can’t pm them. I don’t have time to look. But I need Forrest’s, Jeff’s, and spencer’s friend Cody’s special thanks lists. As well as Cody’s last name. Byran S who’s that other kid in the clips you sent me. He only has one clip remember. You can post it here, or pm me, or e-mail me.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I want this vid out tonight, but need this info first.

spencer hochberg
bryan_stevens (not too sure about the underslash)

skate4flip aswell is jeff

Cody Williams!!! trust me, i know. I filmed the footy of him that you got.

Henry Fitts

Everything is done now except those two lists. Forrest’s and Cody’s. I’ll wait one hour if not, sorry guys. I’ll be done.

-Shaun Johanneson

its Cody Williams

lol well sry man I was out camping, yeah my name is Cody Williams as Evan yelled…Hahaha I geuss special thanks would be Evan Byrne, Spencer Hochberg, both filming and pimps…Special thanks to Jesus, cause he gives me pimpsauce in a can that I spread around to the world!

Lol someone use that in a quote…please…I wanna be in one…Sigh

Thanks list? You mean like thanks for filming, that kinda stuff?

Well I don’t exactly have anyone to thank directly… I did most the filming for mine by myself, and…

Okay to skip that, or do I need to think of people to thank? :slight_smile: I can if I need to.


dude, why?

So he can pimp his youtube site without appearing to do so.

Lol wtf… well at least it braught up old memories :slight_smile:

Weird. Was this for “ill”? lol