PING!! Extreme Uni, Muni_guy, and Penguin Jeff

Hey guys email me…it’s important…we have 2 out of 5 team members for a 24 hour race that you’ll be interested in…Hurry!

I called Carl, but he’s out of the office until the 8th

Me and Drewnicycle are already in

umm, send me some of the details at:, or better yet, just tell me them here!
i’m probably in, just need to know the dates.


check this thread…if you haven’t

I’m not sure if i can go… where exactly is it? how long of a drive from toronto (which way from toronto)and what time would we have to be there for /leave to come home?

Thanks alot Brian… it looks like fun!


It’s in Mansfield. I’ve never been, but here’s a link to a bike review

The race is noon till noon sat and sun.

I’ll probably be heading out friday night, I could give you a lift there and back…you’d be on the way.

Ian Cox is a almost for sure as well.

You can’t miss this one, man!

Email me for some more specifics