Ping: David Stockton


I’ve been trying to contact you via your yahoo email
account for the past week. My apologies for using the
public forum to try to reach you.


Sorry Jeff. My daughter and I drove back the long way from NAUCC. We took the road through UP Michigan, then stopped to visit a friend in Ann Arbor area. We’re back now.

Now, it’s my turn.

Dave, I tried today to reach you via your Yahoo account and it kicked back saying you didn’t have a Yahoo account.

Email me.


Hmm not sure what caused that… perhaps the power outages? I know that microsoft’s website wasn’t coming through to me yesterday. Anyhow, Jeff and others have been able to contact me through the yahoo account so it’s working (at least most of the time?). I’ve sent you an email.

Anyone else that is having problems please feel free to use the PM machine.

PM sent,

(your a popular guy)