Ping Danger Uni - How's the Knee?

Kris, how’s your knee saga coming along? Please tell me you’re doing well. Also tell me recoup time is less than 6 months.

Last weekend I got tangled in my MUni. MRI was Tuesday. I don’t know the results of it yet. We know the MCL is torn (and can heal without surgery). MRI will tell me about the ACL (which, if torn, will need surgery). I’ve been benched for a week and I’m in Unidepression. What are you doing to hasten recovery? Stationary B*ke?


Maybe MUC could come by and ride around in front of your house. Would that help? :roll_eyes:

Hope you get well soon. I have been thinking about ordering one of the new Cokers and I will need some riding buddies.


Oh come on it’s Kris Holm he’s probably doing one handed back handsprings to pass time ;).

Hope you get well soon, both of you.


Thanks for the interest. I’m scheduled for ACL replacement surgery on December 3rd, and in the meantime I’m trying to keep fit by riding a stationary bike and doing Pilates and Yoga. It’s a bit boring but at least it’s not too painful and I can get around OK. The hardest thing is resisting the temptation to push too hard and make it worse - no back handsprings allowed =). The average full recovery time after surgery is about 6 months, so hopefully I should be back at 100% for next summer.

Hope your own knee injury gets better soon!


That sucks about your MCL Memphis :frowning: My wife tore hers over the summer and was in a knee brace for months… Funny thing is she relearned how to ride a uni while she was in the brace, at a time when she couldn’t walk without it :stuck_out_tongue: Then she took a bad fall and re-injured it :wink: She’s out of the brace now, still not 100% though… no uni for her till next summer :frowning: