Ping- Dan Heaton


I’d like to ask you about how you adapted your Muni to fit a Profile hub in Miyata bearing holders.

See this thread.

Tony Melton

Ping #2- Dan Heaton

Thread hijacking in progress
My friend wants to know some tips on doing a 360° hop twist thing. I have searched a few threads and there is a lot of excellent advice to be found. I thought I would take this opportunity to try to attract the attention of someone who seems to have mastered the skill. The last post I could find by Dan on RSU was in September 2000 in a thread called UNiVERsAL Sounds. Watching Dan perform the 360° on UNiVERsE makes it look easy without much flailing of arms, and it would be nice to hear his perspective on how it’s done.

I’m trying to get hold of Dan Heaton as well- thought I’d recycle this old ping thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Dan- could you please check your PMs?



ditto… :sunglasses: