Ping! Dallas Texas unicyclers!

yeah, I’m going up to dallas to visit my grandparents, and I’m bringing my uni(duh:) )

I know that their are a few unicyclers there, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in riding avec moi.

I’ll be up there the saturday + sunday following thanks giving…

fixed :slight_smile:
sure I will ride w/ you lol

bumpydibumpydiddy bump.

sorry scrobo, your to far away…

It would be helpful to those who would like to meet up for a ride where in Texas you are going, and how far away from there you can travel.

ill ride with you i live in denton but i can go to dallas. so umm you can meet with the unipsychos in dallas on sundance square at 9:00 pm behind the courthouse. but hey mabe if you gimme your phone number (through a PM)i can call you and we can talk it out.

ok, I’m here now.

anybody interested in riding tommorow?


bumpidy bump