*PING* Brian MacKenzie- TWNR Is a message from heaven.

Ive really enjiyed the movie but tonight my friend asked to borrow it so we went to his place to watch it…His mom decided to watch along with us. She was dumbfounded at the idea that all of this could be done on a uni. Maybe she was even inspired but what came out of her mouth next as we were talking about Unis and stuff was the best thing ever!

She told us that she was going to drive us down to Michigan for NAUCC 07!! Which is totally awsome.

So i just wanted to say thanks for producing the movie that sent me to Michigan…The best $20 i ever spent:D


P.S. Cant wait to show her Inner Ballance…Maybe she’ll take us to UNICON 07!

You mean UNICON 08 (its every two years)? :roll_eyes:

No but thats cool that you get to go to NAUCC 07. I have not seen TWNR yet, but I am really looking forward to seeing Inner Balance. Where can I order it from when it comes out?

Im not sure… But im sure Brian will stumble across this thread eventually and he can tell you.

Brian’s away doing more filming, so he might not see this for a few days.


Aliright Phil, good stuff!

I will post details on inner balance when it is ready

Yeah…I think Brians in New York now…

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Brian a few times when he visited my club in NYC. And sure enough, that’s where he is today. He is filming some cool shots of the Brooklyn Bridge (my old commute – but sadly I can’t make the ride today). Yesterday he came to Grant’s Tomb, our club’s venue on the Upper West Side, to shoot footage of 8 of us riding thru streets and in Central Park. Aside from me, the riders included SteveOwe and Chrashing, from this forum, and some cool young guys like Joe K and Nick. You’ll be seeing lots of great splats from Joe K and some great muni-style drops and riding from both of them and from others, too. Adam Cohen was among the riders, too. Brian also got some cool footage of me zooming by him on my Schlumpf in high gear as he rode along Riverside Drive (avenue) where I hit 19 mph (the hill was too short for me to reach my max speed – but it still looks like I’m in the fast lane in a sports car).

I think he also filmed some muni two days ago at Adam’s favorite muni spots in Long Island. I can’t wait to see the finished product.