Ping: Billham

Hi. You live in Washington, PA and are planning to go to the NYC muni weekend correct? If so, the mapquest route has you taking the turnpike to Harrisburg. I am in State College, PA and would like to know if there is any way you could give me a ride up and back.

I should be able to meet you in Harrisburg. I would gladly pay for my portion of the gas. I am also a good navigator and conversationalist.

If this is impossible, thanks for your time.

I see youre online so…


Check you user cp, I sent you a personal email.


There are no new private messages since your last visit.

An email??? Please tell me you didnt send it to emial address lol…

I’m sorry…I cant find any PMs or emails…and I know where to look…

Yay youre replying!

PM me and send me your email address. I’ll reply to it.



I gotta get to bed. I’m already up too late. Send your address and I’ll reply tomorrow.



No its there!!!