Ping............Anyone at NAUCC

if someone see’s Rysling,tell him the pic’s coming from his phone to my inbox are working great and to keep them coming.

i’ll put them all into a gallery next week.

can do.

Just got back an hour ago. Max it was great meeting you. For those of you who don’t know Max is currently traveling by wheel chair. Of course it had 2 Fireballs! :smiley: The guy was constantly working on unicycles or volunteering in some other manner. Didn’t let his “handicap” slow him down a bit.

As for Rysling I saw him taking a picture of Harper and some other just before they headed out on a Coker ride on Friday. Then later that day while I was talking with him he was cleaning his glasses with his shirt(as he has done 100’s of times before) and the frame snapped in two. I saw him later on and he was checking out the tables and I asked him if he was able to see. Said he had thrown a pair of old disposable contacts in his bags and went out and got some solution and was good to go.

I think I will start another post detailing my experience at NAUCC.

Dude, that was Animation, aka Lewis Beard- I was one of the hombres he was snaping the pic of (the exceptionally hot guy in the flaming skull cycling jersy.)

More later- just back after 19 hours in the car.


After I typed that I started wondering if I had the names screwed up. Love the flaming shirt. I was just curious were you washed it every day?:wink:

A bunch of Chris’ and My cameraphone pics are available at and I have some digital cam pics up at

You should see the pic of the group listed under something like pre-10k or 10k warmup or something.