Ping.....1 foot wheel walkers

Hey all, this is for the one foot wheel walkers out there.

As someone in the process of learning, and still undecided about how to best do it;

Do you use your strong foot to be on the crown, or to walk the wheel with?

I was still in the process of learning this…But I walked the wheel with my strong foot and put my weak foot on my frame.



The strong foot walks. Get used to it and eventually you’ll be gliding!

That’s the plan.

Thanks guys

I use my weak riding/idling foot for 1fww because then I have better control during transition. For example, if I have a right foot strong for riding, and a lefty strong for wwing, then I bring my left foot to the tire first, and still have control as I ride and walk. Use your weak riding foot.

this is a little off topic but im learning wheel walking and ive found i can 1 foot ww farther and with more control than normal 2 foot ww

I also find that I WW only slightly farther then 1 ft WW.

I hop with my left foot forward.
I 1 foot ride with my left foot pedalling.
I 1 foot ww with my left foot on the crown.
I glide with my left foot on the frame.

When I’m going into gliding I usually do one rotation with my right foot acting as a brake on the tyre then put the left foot (that was pedalling) straight up onto the crown.



With the crown foot, do you use your toes on the wheel to stabalise it first, then when you get going, only use one foot?

Do you guys ride with the thought of emergency crown foot braking, or anything like that?

I ww 1 ft with my weak foot

Im definately right footed, and thus find it easier to get into/out of 1fww (and tricks that expand on the concept) having my right foot on the crown and left on the tire. but whichever way works best is usually the way to go.

Here, here!

As for the foot on the crown, I now have lots of experience on this matter (in refrence to the emergency braking). I decided on the ride home from school troday to glide down every downhill I hit. Some of them are quite steep, enough that my calf got very sore halfway down some of them. There was a steep one that was about 2 blocks long, and I glided down it without falling (on about my third try). Halfway down the hill, the sidewalk ends for 2.5-3’ and is replaced by semi-solid mud. That was the only time in about a mile of gliding that I felt I needed “emergency braking”. No matter how hard I pressed for the next 75’ of the hill, I couldn’t go less than about 10mph. Eventually the mud wore off, but it was scary, and I did consider using my right foot on the side of the tire as a brake, but putting it on the top would’ve been useless. This verified my notion that the foot on the crown is pretty much useless. Use it to transition, but don’t try and use it while riding, and for god’s sake, don’t glide on steep hills through mud!!!

i use my week leg for peddaling… if you talking about 1 foot riding

I go from a small glide to 1 foot wheel walking.



Hmm, so from the general thesis here is that it depends on what feels best to you. So thats what i would do if i could have any chance in hell to one foot ww i still cant do a regular ww real well. I am depressed, why cant I ww… Oh well, let us know what ends up working for ya.