Pin Pedals for Trials?

Right now I just have some platform pedals with knobs, not pins, on my Trials uni (Yuni frame with Monty wheelset). I have some very sticky Wellgo B-37’s on my MUni and find them most excellent for rough terrain riding. But what about for trials, do you prefer pin pedals on you trials uni?


I’m happy with the Snafu concave pedals

those pedals are pretty good in the dry, Erin. However, once wet, your feet will slide right off them.

Luckily, you live in the dry climate of Vancouver!

most deffianately I would use as aggresive pedals as possible for trials. I’m currently running Atomlab trialking pedals (which I would not reccomend) and they are very griptacular.

Pins are the only way to go for Trials, Having a connection between your feet and your pedals is esential in alot of situations. Pins or cages are probably the best way to do this, the problem with cages is that they cant take the beatings of tons of pedal grabs like Platforms with Pins can