pimped trials uni for sale

KH frame, profile hub and crankset laced to a 19 Arrow racing rim, creepy crawler tire, snafu pedals, thomson seatpost, kh gel seat. $200 obo. in philadelphia, will ship. call me at 215 360 4475 to get ahold of me if any questions or interested. must get rid of!


i am interested but wanna see pictures and kno why u have to get rid of it

Agin same here.


bombproof. rode for several years, and nothing. arrow 19" rim is no longer made, strongest rim ever.

no offense but this is hardly pimped

Ask him if he’ll throw in a bedazzler for free, I’m sure that’ll get it where you want it.

This was the best you could buy 5-6 years ago. Cost like $1000. $200 is a pretty good deal, this uni is STRONG!, and probably weighs about the same as Nimbus with moments. Profile Cranks/hub are actually lighter than KH moments and hubs. You’re also riding uni history with this thing. Only thing you might want to change is that horrible nut smashing seat (modding the foam would be an easy and cheaper alternative). This uni is pimp!

Agree with this.
Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you pass comment on something, uniman500.
Looks like a beast, good luck with the sale :slight_smile:

That’s a true All-American wheel. The Arrow Racing rim is hard to find these days and a totally unique design and model so far as 19" rims are concerned.

Maybe the frame and seat aren’t too great, but the rest of the parts fitted to something like a KH with a slim seat would be a really nice strong uni with some history and flaavaa

well according to zee interweb. KH hub and cranks are about 2.6 pounds and Profiles are right around 3. I also have one of these old frames and I got to say, It HAS to weigh more then a nimbus… the steel is THICK… all that being said. this thing is probably nothing short of unbreakable and totally worth the money if only for the hub its self

I’ve weighed both sets on my scale. The 3lbs is not true (probably from UDC right?). Profiles weigh about 100grams less. Not sure about the frames, though you are probably right. Thomson elite posts sell for like $60 new, and this one looks pretty new. Freaking awesome post, probably the strongest post on the market (fully CNCed aluminum).

i dont kno wht im talkin bout but as far as looking pimped i dont think it does

Hmm, seems like we have an issue of semantics here.
Per the first and third top definitions of “pimped out” at the Urban Dictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pimped%20out ), uniman500 has a pretty good point.

  1. pimped out 293 up, 57 down

State your car will be in if you have added the gold trim package, curb feelers, continential kit, white wall tires, rims that are off set and stick out at least 4" from the side of the car body, lowered 4", TV boomerange antenna, blackout tited windows, crushed velour seats, custom chain steering wheel, neon liscense plate surround, huge naked woman hood ornament, sound system that has no treble, custom metalic purple paint job, and fuzzy dice.
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  1. pimped out 179 up, 73 down

Used as an adjective: cool, awesome, worthy of a pimp or pimpette
“Dshaun’s got a pimped out ride.”
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Having excessive embellishments or ornaments, particularly of the flashy kind, ie feathers in fedoras, black canes with silver handles, multicolored mis-matched shoes, and colorful crushed velvet suits. Preferably worn simultaneously.
By the amount of bling-bling he was flashing, we knew he was pimped out.
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Still a cool uni though. Good luck with the sale!

Maybe it is not so pimped as all that, but the price is now 180. The money is for christmas shopping. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal accepted. Thanks!

Please, you have a full keyboard, use it so we can understand you. :frowning:

Pimped Trials Uni

Is this still for sale? I’d be interested e_d_g_1 [at] sbcglobal.net. Thanks…Ed