Pimped-out KH 36 distance Uni w/ aero bar: Its all frigging Blue, pictures attached

Wicked! Do you have any pictures that shows you riding in the tucked position?

No easy to post riding pics yet, but I’m working on that

That looks pretty good. I have had the opportunity to try a similar setup with aerobars (eenwieler sander’s 36er), and it was quite comfortable. But there is some sillyness in the optics too… I think maybe one could shorten the handle a bit to make it a little less strange looking:). Oh, by the way, does that mean your previous handle is no longer being used? If that’s the case I might want to to buy that one from you. I mean the home made aluminum one with bar ends.

This may be all I have right now:

Oh my!

The one I’m selling now is this steel one based on a GB4 handle and rail adaptor. Still a sweet commuter set-up, but a level below the KH set-up in long range comfort. This is the post in the trading post for this and some other 36er stuff: 36" er garage sale, custom distance handle, Thomson seat posts, etc
I gave the aluminum bar end one to another rider here in Portland.



Wow, I would love to give that thing a try, It makes my handlebars look short :slight_smile:

One question, Why did you go with rails? When I had a T7 the rails were the first thing the bend, then the plate broke. Sure the brace takes almost all the up/down stress off the rails but I still think a standard seatpost design is stronger and ultimately more adjustable (when you adjust the seat, the handle doesn’t move and vice versa.

I would be tempted to try a bike seat with that setup

That is pretty sweet!

EDIT: im surprised I havent seen a bike seat used on a coker yet. The position with how we sit has been pretty much the same since always.

Rails = adjustable angle with a bike seat post. I originally built this without the brace - opting to reinforce a rail adaptor bracket with six plate steel gussets that rinforce both the plate and the rails, partially seen in one of the pics (also see below) This attempt at a steel moment frame wasn’t stiff enough and I’d say would have broken the thomson post at the rail clamp if I kept riding it.

The brace works really well and now if I were to build again, I can forgo the tedious gussetting of the rail bracket.

I have ridden a t-7 handle and I’d agree that it is kind of a weak design, tho a Thomson post help shore up the bounce a bit.

Yes, I’ve thought about the bike seat bit too since the mast effectively keeps you from sliding forward while riding


Too bad you gave the aluminum one away. I guess I’ll stay true to my crooked t7 then:)

Does everyone have a crooked T7? It seems that way…

My T7 is quite noticeably crooked.

That is some piece of kit!

I was going to ask what your plans were for bars on the KH36 when I saw that you were selling the other one. I’m interested in a handle for my KH36 but something suitable for both on road and off road, along the lines of a GB handle.

Some pics and video showing your new kit in action would be good to see.

That’s beautiful! As I’ve been riding on the road I’ve been thinking that I want something way out there to lean on… that seems to be just the ticket. I’m thinking that I’d somehow leave the existing T7 bars there, though, and simply extend the bottom horizontal bar like you did (without removing the original T7 handles). That way I could still ride upright in high gear on hills and things that make me have to push and pull on teh handle.

That setup sure would beat leaning over the T7 handle with your hands on the bars and your elbows squished up against your sides!

and @brycer, yeah, I welded my T7 too, and it made it WAY more stiff to put a gusset on the front bar where it attaches to the front plate, as well as another gusset at the 45° bend in the front bar. But it got messed up somehow, so now my leg and bike shorts ges sliced by the bottom right corner of that front plate where the front bar attaches to the rails. It sticks out too far now. :frowning:

Haha! I can feel that already with my T7. All in all an interesting build. I’ll be curious to know about your long-term experience. And it would be nice to see a photo of someone riding the bowsprit uni. :slight_smile:

Is there a photo of how you designed this reinforcement?

this is a step forwards in big handlebars on unicycles
i alsow have a big handlebar setup and i must say i like it way better than a t7 bar.
yours looks very good.
i have seen those areo bars before at my local bicycle shop where i work but havent orderd them yet.
but now i see that it looks good i will order them i think, currently alsow working on a better handelebar setup.

does the tube helps much to stop the flex or is it just there to be sure its stiff?
only thing you may want next is a geared hub;)

I made a set of close-in handlebars that slide down and clamp on the mast close to the seat, but I haven’t used them much and didn’t like the extra weight for long rides. As you can see, its total re-purposing job with used bike parts on this one, so the weight is higher than I liked.
See pics



The shorter brace it the main reason that there is so little flex in the mast. I tried riding it without the brace and the flex when going down curbs and such was more than I liked.

Yes, geared hub, yum!

Bowsprite uni! Ha!.

and from wikipedia if you aren’t a sailor: