Pimped my muni! (with pics)

Lets face it, we all have a little Tyler Cox in us telling us to make threads showing off all our new gear and asking questions and such.

I’ve finnaly accquired all my parts to complete my muni… for now.

I bought:
Magura Evolution QR Brake mounts.
Magura HS22 Brake
GB4 Brake booster
Profile spacer UFO’s(not pictured)
Delta Brake lever extender(not installed)
RPM 22.2 Rail-type seatpost
Bedford KH Rail Adapter w/brake mount.

The last package came today, via UPS, all the way from the east coast.

Voila, heres the new muni.

I’d like to thank all the people who made this possible.
Greg Barnes
Johnathan the UPS guy
Debbie the Mail ladie
and most of all Darren Bedford, who has put-together and supplid most of the parts on this sick ride.

The seat had a perfect tilt now, and all presssure is applied to my plump buttocks. The brake fits perfectly in place. And I’m thinking of having “Muni Militia” cut into the brake booster.

I have a few more pics in my gallery Bedford Muni Gallery

All I have to do now is to slap on my brake lever extender. I can’t wait to hit the trail.

Just Braggin’,
Eric P.

wow, that is one beautiful MUni. how much did the whole thing cost, altogether?

you must order a lot of stuff if you’re on first name basis with the UPS guy q-:

Very nice. I like the black and yellow theme.

What are Profile spacer UFOs?

i just sniped me a Thomson

jus’ braggin.

WOW 30 for a thomson, that was a steal, you were smart to keep it a secret.

Very nice. Having brake levers and extenders and wires and things all over always makes a muni look pimpier.


(picture by George Barnes from his GB4 Garage Sale)

I don’t like them. They get in the way of the frames I use. I go with the Profile spacers that look like regular washers. I order extras of the washers so I don’t have to use the UFO spacers.


how bout i pimp your face with my foot, fool

…how rude…



The cost altogether is looking around $1000, however I’ve gotten some sweet deals on everything I’ve bought, so the actual retail value is… $1200, on the price is right.

My dad gets packages almost evry day via UPS or Fed Ex or USPS, so I know all of our mailmen.

Profile spacer ufo’s arehiy little peices of metal that go between the crankarms and the frame, and attatch around the hub. If you look at the cranks where they attatch you’ll see those little browninsh blackish rings around the hub, thats where they go. They look like little UFO’s when you put the two of them together. I dont really need them, but I want to pimp this muni to the full extent.

Jagur, you tryin to put together another muni? When is is for sale?

Got mine for 30 shipped, they are common…

right now!.., you sould buy it…

its not compleate yet but still better than yours.


what secret? i searched for a Thomson post tonite on ebay and bid, thats no secret.

Is the booster necessary? I know with the one point mounts they are. I didn’t think the 2 point mounting needed a booster.

Tight lookin uni.

Aren’t brakes cheating though?

What’s the need for the seat to be tilted back so far? I would think it would hurt more.

how do you sit on it?

Its actaully more comfortable. The tilt makes you put less weight on your, crotch, and more on your butt so you dont get saddle sore.

The mount ivolves tilting your hips a bit more upwards when mounting to get in the right spot, but it totally alieviates the saddle soreness problem.

I’m almost positive a brake booster is required, to prevent the brakes forom flexing. And since I bought a Magura and GB$ brake booster for 5bucks together, I dont really care.

I don’t think such an extreme angle is required to allieviate soreness. When I tried angles not as extreme but quite tilted I found them to be comfy for the buttocks, but uncomfortable due to the unnatural lifting of the front part. Only time I can think such a tilt might be justified is when you are going down a steep mountain and the unicycle is tilted so far forwards that it flattens the seat out.