Pimpa's Paradise - 200

here it is. video of me hitting 200cm long jump :slight_smile: sorry its so dark. i didnt wanna go out untill i finished my homework otherewise it wouldn’t get finished…

this video was the initial test of my new Kodak Playsport Zx3 that i won :slight_smile:


aiming for 250cm by summer time and a full video sometime in july when i have the time to go places to film and try new things :slight_smile:

drop a comment :slight_smile:

Yeah, lighting was pitifull. I couldn’t see squat.

Next time do film when it’s still light out or figure some way of improving the lighting. If you find yourself doing this regularly you can set something up, like thrift shop lamps w/ really bright bulbs (I put a 150 watt in my porch light prob not enough for film by itself, but enough to easily see what I was doing).